Mark Duffy Commercial Diving



Pipeline projects

  • Intake and outfall pipeline from 6" diameter to 144" diameter, both inshore and offshore 
  • Materials include: Pre-stressed concrete, HDPE, and steel 
  • Assembly processes: Hydro-pull, Mechanical, Flange-ups, Hydraulic horses, Spool piercing 

Bridge and pier construction and rehabilitation 

  • Visual and video inspections of wood, concrete and steel piles with detailed reporting 
  • Pile cleaning, jacketing, splicing, posting and removal
  • Pier foundation and scouring assessments 
  • Cofferdam removal by underwater cutting methods

power plant projects

  • Intake and discharge pipeline construction for cooling water systems
  • Penetration, inspection and cleaning of pipelines and approach tunnels
  • Remedial installation of zebra mussel protection systems

Boat Services (Dolphin III)

  • Fully equipped 45' Dive boat
  • Can be chartered fully manned or bare boat
  • Equipped for surface supply commercial diving operations
  • Can work in water depths of up to 100'

Turnkey quality control specialists

  • Inspection and documentation of all materials prior to marine installation
  • Inspection and reporting of ditch and bedding preparation prior to pipeline installation
  • Visual and video inspection of each joined pipe section as deployed 
  • Witness to each joint pressure test
  • Notification to client of divergences from job specifications and tolerances
  • Consultation with client to offer professional opinions as to project events 
  • Written reports are supplied daily with all video footage preserved and archived 
  • Weekly progress meetings are attended with all parties involved.

oilfield services

  • Installation, inspection and repair of oil and gas pipelines and offshore platforms
  • Removal and installation of offshore tanker loading system
  • Non-destructive testing of marine structures 

Other Services

  • Dams 
  • Blasting and Demolition
  • Certified Welding 
  • Potable Water System